My People


I have been struggling to somehow put my writing into blog posts. One morning I woke up with these words in my head. I wrote them down and then played the first two chords that came to me.

Over the past few months, I have been deeply inspired by the soulful music, revolutionary ideas and Rastafari beliefs of Bob Marley. He is not a superficial man. He is not just the face of stoners. His music speaks to me in a way that no other artist ever has.

This is the first song I have written. No, I didn’t write it. I and I wrote it. It just flows and it’s not just me. Jah is within all people. I do not consider myself religious but Rastafari is changing how I think. Being vegan is changing how I think. Rastas are vegans or vegetarians. Love everything and everyone and every animal.

In a 1979 interview in New Zealand Bob Marley says, “I see myself as a revolutionary.”

“Rasta is the future.”

3 thoughts on “My People

  1. That Bob Marley quote was righteous. I am glad that you don’t think of him as a stoner. I grew up vegan (protestant Christian) so I know the purity you’re feeling right now. Antioxidants are good for the soul. I hope that you’ll continue to find inspiration soon. Best of luck on your journey through the world. xo

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